Baby bottle syndrome herbal remedy

Baby bottle syndrome is a very common defect seen with many infants at the stage of breast-feeding or bottle-feeding. The continued presence of food items containing sugar in the mouth affects the teeth of the baby and eventually it will decay the teeth. The bacteria growing in the teeth generally forms tooth cavities and finally it decays the teeth, causes bad breath, bad smell in the mouth and even pain in the gum. The condition will create many discomforts for the baby and parents as well.

Mostly the baby bottle syndrome will get aggravated when the bottles are not hygienic and the milk is not fresh and warm enough. In both the cases the chances of bacteria growth is more and eventually it will affect the teeth of the baby. Baby bottle syndrome can be effectively contained by taking proper care in preparing the milk and also in sterilizing the bottle before feeding the milk. Another way of avoiding this notorious baby bottle syndrome is keep the mouth of the baby clean. Wash the mouth of the baby each time after the feeding.

Many mothers have a tendency of keeping the bottle or nipple in the mouth of the child while sleeping. Such actions are sure to bring diseases like baby bottle syndromes. If milk contents are left in the mouth and teeth, the bacteria grows very fast in the milk wastes and the baby will end up with decayed teeth. It is very important to sterilize the bottle by keeping the bottle in boiling water at least for 15 minutes to kill the germs inside the bottle. Necessary precautions need to be taken in preventing the baby bottle syndrome. Also make sure that food items like chocolates, which have more sugar content, are not given to babies.

There are many medicines available to counter the bad effects of baby bottle syndrome, especially to restrict the decay of the teeth. Many modern medicines have very high side effects in the babies, so it is advisable to avoid such medications. Many herbal remedies are found to be very effective in treating the baby bottle syndrome. Some are detailed here.

• There are many herbal pastes containing medicinal herbs which effectively counter the bacteria growth and improves the teeth health. They also keep the mouth fresh always. It is advised to brush the teeth at least thrice in a day with soft brushes. Keep the tongues also clean by removing the dirt.
• Clove oil is considered to be an effective herbal oil to fight against baby bottle syndrome. It reduces the pain caused by the cavities and keeps stops the growth of bacteria.
• Neem leaves are most effective herbal remedy. Neem leaves have medicinal powers to protect the teeth from decay. It is of bitter taste; a minute quantity of paste dissolved in water can be used to wash the mouth.
• Warm salt water is very effective in reducing the infection on gums and to kill the germs in mouth. One can put little lime in the water so that the bad breadth can be avoided.
• Another herbal remedy is yasthimadhu, which has proven results in fighting the teeth decay.
All these Baby bottle syndrome herbal remedies are easily available and can be applied any time. There are no side effects and are very cost effective.