Bed wetting - Herbal Suppliment to help

Bed wetting is very common among the children. This happens when the children are in their tender ages. There are some cases of bed wetting by grown up children and even by adults. There are many reasons for bed wetting. Bed wetting by children below say 1 year old is a natural physiological process; no treatment is warranted for these types of kid’s bed wetting. Of course these types of bed wettings are making much discomfort to the parents and the children themselves. The discomforts are severe if the bed wettings are by grown up children or adults and it warrants medical care for coming out from the menace. The bed sheets need to be replaced after each bed wetting, the bas odor arising out of bed wetting and the decay of beddings with the stains of urine on it. There are many natural ways by which you can restrict the bed wetting tendencies. Also there are some herbal remedies which are found to be very effective in controlling this defect.

Common reasons of bed-wetting are many. But usually bed wetting happened when the urinary bladder is full. Hence it is important to make sure that bladder is not full while sleeping. Avoid drinking water or any liquids type at least one hour before to bed. Secondly make sure that you urinate comfortably and fully before sleeping. Another reason for bed wetting is the vaginal or urinary tract infections. If bed wetting is due to these diseases, once if you treat for those diseases and got cured, bed wetting will stop. Stress of examinations, home works and many such causes making tension can be a reason for bed wetting. This can be a psychological problem also.

One possible remedy for bed wetting is strengthening the control on urination. You can try some herbal remedies which will strengthen the urinary system. Also you can use some herbal recipes which give perfect sleep and avoid stress and strains among the children.

• First recipe requires the herbal ingredients Kava, an herbal remedy made out of pepper stems and roots, St John’s Wort, the yellow flower with much medicinal power, bistort, partridgeberry and schizandra. All these herbal items have proven effects in strengthening the muscles and controlling tensions and stresses. Combine all these ingredients equally, say one ounce each, and serve the child half a teaspoon in the morning and evening. This herbal recipe is time tested and has the merit of reducing the frequency of bed wetting and finally helps to come out from the nuisance disorder.
• A second herbal recipe contains sweet sumach tincture, agrimony tincture and horsetail tincture in equal quantities. Mixture of these herbal derivatives can be given to the child one tea spoon each in the morning and before bed. This gives a complete sleep and also improves the control on the functioning of the urinary system.

There are many such very effective herbal remedies for bed wetting. These herbal remedies can be tried without much expense and without fear of any side effects and allergy. These herbal medicines improve the nuero-muscular health of the urinary tract and effectively contain the menace of bed wetting.