Herbal remedies for Anxiety disorders

Anxiety is a natural phenomenon of living beings, especially in human beings. The anxious moments in life are many, from birth to death human beings goes through anxiety. If some body is put into a unknown situation like meeting an unknown person, trapped in an unknown place, come across a situation under pressure like public speaking, attending examinations, facing interviews etc., he will have anxious moments, this is natural. But if anxiety crosses a limit, becomes unnatural make it a disorder to be treated. Basically this is a mental disorder and many physical ailments follow it. In the present world of competition and insecurity, the number of people affected by the anxiety disorders is in rise. Anxiety disorders are found in all groups of people irrespective of gender and age. This disorder affects even in students studying in primary kevels. Stress and strain of the people contribute much to the anxiety disorder. There are many treatments, with most modern techniques and medicines, for anxiety disorders. Naturopathy, Music therapy and Holistic approaches are some other techniques used for the anxiety disorder treatment. Many effective herbal remedies are also available for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders manifests in various forms such as, extreme social inhibitions, Irrational fears and problem in facing others, panic attacks, anxiety related to diseases and unwanted obsessions. If not treated the anxiety disorder can take very bad turn, leading to psychological and psychiatric problems. There are many modern sophisticated techniques are available to treat the anxiety disorders and other symptoms related to psychological disorders. It is necessary that one has to undergo a long term treatment to come out from the serious anxiety disorders.

There are many medicinal herbs which can be effectively used to overcome the anxiety and treat the anxiety disorders. These herbal remedies, many of them, are locally available and cheap. They are free of any side effects, if properly administered the doses and eventually help the patient to come out from the anxiety disorder and live a peaceful normal life. Herbal remedies for anxiety disorders are time tested and well used from time immemorial. Some of the herbal remedies which can be effectively used for the treatment of anxiety disorders are

• Lavender – A known herbal remedy for reducing tension and has the ability to calm your mind and body. This is a very effective herbal remedy for *Anxiety disorders and is a stimulant of the nervous system.

• Kava is an herbal medicine made out of pepper climber, using the dried roots and stem. It is a remedy which effectively helps to reduce anxiety. Pepper itself is of high medicinal powers, it is used as an ingredient of many herbal and Ayurvedic medicines.

• Lemon balm an effective herbal medicine for many diseases. This is highly useful in relieving anxiety and reduces blood pressure and improves the coronary circulation.

• Motherwort, an herbal with bitter taste. It has the super power of calming the mind and effectively stabilizing the emotions.

There are many other such herbal remedies, very worthy in treating anxiety disorders.