Belching Remedy

Belching, commonly known as stomach pain due to hyper acidity, is a usual problem among many. People with bleching get burning sensation in the stomach and throat, a feeling of heart burn, indigestion and vomiting sensation. Some times this causes severe stomach pain and stomach upset. Gas formation in the stomach makes much discomfort to the patients. Belching is caused by the formation of acids in excess than required in the stomach. Many treatments are suggested in literature and medical field to counter the belching. Herbal remedies for belching are found to be very effective in controlling the hyper acidity.

In the present world of changed food habits, consuming more and more meat products especially red meats and the irregular eating habits, cause the hyperacidity very severely. Other causes for hyper acidity includes stress and strain the day to day life, side effects of some medicines consumed for ailments, lack of exercises and deficiency in the fibers food items. Almost all medicines used to treat belching are either antacids or stimulants for digestion. Modern allopathic antacids are pure chemical alkalis, which will react with the acids produced in the stomach and neutralize it. But the bad effect of it is that it will neutralize even the required acids which are essential for digestion. So the modern antacids have serious side effects in our body system. Herbal remedies for belching are very effective and have no side effects.

If not treated properly and not controlled the acidity and indigestion related problems, it will end up with severe health related issues such as hemorrhoids or fistula or piles, blood leakage through stool, inability to consume required food. Herbal remedies acts very mildly and reduces the acidity and gas problems, and within a short time span the discomfort and irritations caused by the belching can be cured completely. Here we will discuss some of the time tested herbal remedies for belching highly recommended by the experts in the field of herbal remedies.

• Juice of carrot and cabbage. Cabbage is a known fibrous food; it has the medicinal power to clean the colon and is proved to be good in countering constipation. Carrot is recommended as a vitamin enriched vegetable. The vitamins in carrots promote the digestive enzymes and also act against the excess acids generated in the stomach. A recipe with equal amounts of cabbage and carrot (200gm each) made as a juice in two cups of water, taken 30 minutes before food two times a day will help in curing the belching.
• A paste of ginger, garlic and common salt is found to be a best herbal remedy in treating belching. This paste stimulates the digestion process and helps in reducing the acidity.
• Peppermint mixed with pure honey is a proven herbal remedy for belching. This reacts as an antacid and also promotes digestion. It provides soothing sensation to bowel and helps to avoid constipation much.

There are many such well proven herbal remedies for belching. These remedies have the ability to cure completely the effects of belching if taken it in a regular and perfect way. Also these herbal remedies for belching are free of side effects and are very cost effective.