Herbal Remedy Anal Soreness

Anal Soreness or Anal Itching is seen more in men than the women. The reasons might vary from profuse sweating, diabetes to chronic dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and seborrhea. Some foods irritate the anus when they are expelled during a bowel movement. The most common culprits are caffeine, chocolate, beer, nuts, dairy products, and spicy food. Infections such as pinworms, yeast, and genital warts can also cause itching. Hemorrhoids, which cause painful swelling of blood vessels in the anal area, can cause itching.

To avoid anal soreness avoid spicy food. The smallest amount of black pepper, cayenne or cinnamon added to food can produce extreme itching in the anus of sensitive persons. Instead, eat raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains for fiber to combat constipation and anal fissures, which can cause itching. Eat plain, unsweetened yogurt, kefir and other lactic acid fermented food to fight a possible candida yeast infection. Unrefined, cold-pressed flax seed oil also softens the stools and lubricates the walls of the rectum, reducing irritation.

Herbal remedies also provide effective relief of itching and irritation. If the itching is due to hemorrhoids, apply cool compresses of witch hazel to shrink blood vessels, camomile to speed healing and peppermint to relieve itching. If the itching is due to worms, take 15 drops of wormwood tincture twice daily. Dandelion root is also a gentle laxative and effective treatment for worms. Mix 2 tsp. of the root with 1 cup boiling water, simmer for ten minutes and drink three times a day. Aloe Vera and tea tree oil mixed with some olive oil rubbed on the skin also helps relieve itching.