Abdomen Pain after Child Birth

It is a known fact that your body will take at least six weeks post delivery to regain its natural composure. During pregnancy the abdominal walls are stretched to accommodate the enlarged uterus. After delivery these abdominal muscles becomes loose and soft leading to many complications. In this period a new mother can experience several physical disturbances like afterbirth pains, perineal discomfort , abdominal pain, constipation, difficulty in passing urine, sore breasts, fatigue to name a few.

Among all these the most common occurrence is of abdominal pain. 90 % of the cases of cesarean deliveries have complained about abdomen pain. The pain is usually from the slit, and results in a feeling of discomfort caused by a sensation of pull, sting and hurt.

Gas Pain is another common source of abdominal discomfort after a cesarean birth. Usually this discomfort happens 1 to 2 days after giving birth.

To minimize the pain what s recommended here is that you move around a bit. It is advised that you change your positions frequently. The body needs some movement and the more it gets the better. However, be careful, 5-10 minutes of walk every day twice should do the trick. As the days goes by, you can increase the time frame. The aim should be to oil the mechanism of your body. You should also avoid oily food and all the carbonated drinks that might cause gas problems.