Herbal remedies for Bacterial vaginitis

Bacterial vaginitis is a common problem with women. There will not be any woman who has not got affected by bacterial vaginitis at least once in a lifetime. This bacterial infection creates many discomforts to the affected patient. There are many medicines in modern medications like anti bacterial and anti fungal creams, antibiotics to contain the infection and also some cortisone treatments when the bacterial infection is severe. But one thing common for all these allopathic medicines is that it triggers other diseases as side effects. It kills the good germs required for the vagina area which keeps the body part smooth and soft. Also these modern treatments have only very short term effect and these are very expensive. In this context it is very important to explore about the herbal remedies for bacterial vaginitis. There are many efficient herbal remedies for bacterial vaginitis, which are the very precious wealth passed on by our ancient grand parents through folk songs and folk stories.

The bacterial vaginitis manifests itself with the symptoms of irresistible itching, bad odor of the urine, irritating dryness and unpleasant discharges. The vagina portions contain bad bacteria and good bacteria. It is necessary that any remedy should prevent the growth of bad bacteria and simultaneously stimulate or at least should not disturb the growth of good bacteria. The herbal remedies for Bacterial vaginitis have well proven effects and these will never affect the good bacteria required for the health of the vagina. This article will detail about some of the effective natural and herbal remedies for bacterial vaginitis.

• Garlic paste or chopped garlic wrapped in a cotton cloth can be placed inside the vagina portion and allow it to act the region for a night. The garlic juice has the medicinal power to kill the germs and effectively counter fungal or bacterial infections. It has the well known power of reducing the irritations caused by itching. This is a time tested ancient grand parent’s recipe for the herbal remedy for Bacterial vaginitis. Consuming garlic also proved very good for containing the bacterial vaginitis.
• A traditional medicinal herb which has the property of eliminating parasites, bacteria and other harmful toxins from the body is Tracheal. This effectively controls the discharges from the vagina and reduces the odor of the discharges. It effectively counter the bacterial growth and provides wetness to the affected area. The recipe of this herbal remedy for bacterial vaginitis is to make a cup of liquid obtained by soaking one teaspoon of tracheal in hot water. And consume this tracheal juice at bedtime every day until total cure.
• Herbal tea bags, soaked in cool water can be used to clean the vaginal area. This will give immune power to the good bacteria and also fights against the growth of fungus and bacteria. It has a high cooling effect and will reduce the itching sensation.
• Vinegar and yogurt are two natural remedies for bacterial vaginitis. These have the power to soothe the skin and reducing the itching irritability. These helps in the growth of good natural bacteria in the vagina area.

It may be worth mentioning here that there are many such herbal remedies for Bacterial vaginitis in our ancient literature and folk songs.