Anorexia and Herbal remedies

Anorexia, the eating disorder, is growing in the present society as a result of the growing tendency among the youth to keep their body lean and beautiful. The fear of obesity and also the common belief that lean are more beautiful, promotes the tendency of less eating of adolescents, mainly this disorder affects the adolescent girls. As a matter of fact there are many girls who eat delicious food to enjoy the taste and intentionally vomit everything to keep their body lean. The starving intentionally leads to many complications in the later period of life. They will suffer from extreme weight loss, less immunization power, anemia and many such diseases. All these will eventually lead them to highly complicated terminating diseases, if not properly taken care at the beginning. There are many remedies for this disorder. Herbal remedies are most effective for anorexia.

Many, especially girls, start the habit of less eating intentionally to keep off obesity and to keep fashionable body. But once practiced the physiological system will adjust to less food in the stomach and ultimately end up in the disorder of less appetite, indigestion and acidity problems. Anorexia can be treated effectively with many methods. As in any other cases allopathic medicines are one of the options, digestion stimulants, antacids and many other most modern drugs can be used, but with a caution of side effects. Natural methods such as doing exercises, practicing yoga and playing outdoor games will take away the calories from the body and can improve the digestion and hence an improved intake is possible. One of the best options is the use of herbal remedies for treating anorexia.

Many vegetables and herbals locally available are useful in the treatment of anorexia. Importantly one will look for herbal items which stimulate the digestion and give relief from acidity related issues. Here I will be outlining some of the herbal remedies.

(i) Pineapple juice. Pineapple is a proven fruit which has the magnificent power of stimulating the digestion. Usually Pineapple juice is served as a starter in many of the parties mainly due to its status as an appetizer.

(ii) Bitter Guard. This vegetable is actually an herbal medicine. It is used for the effective treatment of many diseases including diabetics and hemorrhoids. The juice of bitter guard is a very good appetizer. The wonderful effect of bitter guard in the treatment of anorexia is recorded authentically. Take a cup of juice half an hour before the food.

(iii) Ginger and Garlic, these two have lots of medicinal powers, taking small quantity of the paste of Garlic and Ginger in butter milk with a little salt will improve the digestion.

(iv) Almonds are good dry fruits used for the relief of acidity. This will improve the appetite and digestion and help the anorexia patient to eat more.

There are many such Herbal remedies for anorexia. Make sure that you take more fruits and vegetables to keep you fit without reducing the food intake.