Atherosclerosis and its herbal remedies

What happens when you feel a cord like substance over your forearm, or hand or your legs? Most probably you are suffering from arteriosclerosis. Most of us have heard about the term but sometimes it becomes confusing what arteriosclerosis is all about.

Arteries are the pipeline in our body that carries oxygenated nutritious blood. Our heart gets the freshly oxygenated blood from our lungs and it instantly pumps out. The blood flows through aorta first (the biggest artery) and then distributed all over our body through arteries. Healthy arteries are strong, elastic and flexible. As we grow older, our blood pressure increases naturally. This makes the arteries thicker and rigid. There may be plaque formation inside the inner wall of artery. There are several causative factors that potentiate the process of arteriosclerosis. Let us discuss about them.

Causes of arteriosclerosis –

It is a slow but definite procedure. Arteriosclerosis may start even during our childhood. Although the exact cause can not be isolated, it is seen that there is some kind of injury or damage in the inner lining of the arteries. The damage can be caused by any irritant like high blood pressure, nicotine (present in tobacco smoke), high blood cholesterol level, some metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity, genetic factor and increased age. Males are more prone to develop arteriosclerosis. Females are somewhat protected due to their hormone (progesterone).

Complications of arteriosclerosis –

Now lets see what may happen if our arteries are sclerosed. If the arteries are thinned out in any specific area, there will be less oxygen and nutrition that is carried by the blood. It means that the specific area will not work properly. Now think if the arteries supplying the heart or the brain or any other vital organs are blocked. You may suffer from heart attack, cerebral stroke and many other life threatening diseases. There may be aneurysm formation also. It means that the part of the artery before the constriction gets dilated. Due to high blood pressure, this aneurysm may burst leading to catastrophic emergency.

You can check the formation of arteriosclerosis. The more natural the way, the better is the outcome. First you must minimize the fat intake. It is the most common cause of arteriosclerosis. Let us discuss some herbal remedy that can prevent the formation of the disease.

• Perhaps the most common and effective measure against formation of arteriosclerosis is lemon peel. It has the power to dissolve plaques that may create the formation of the disease. Make a warm infusion drink with shredded lemon peel and water. You can drop them over salads and other dishes.
• Your diet should be full of whole grains, nuts, fresh vegetables and sprouted seeds. The fiber in these foods will help to clear the fat concentration in your blood. The flax seed oil or sunflower oil contains Omega-3 fatty acid that is especially helpful clearing the cholesterol. Better to prepare your foods using those oils.
• Garlic and onion are known fat reducer. It is said that one clove of raw garlic in the morning keeps all the heart problems away.
• One tsp honey with warm water before going to bed is an effective way to combat against arteriosclerosis.
• All the citrus fruits contains Vitamin C. It is also helpful to prevent clotting of blood.
The list is not exhaustive. You may find many other herbal remedies to fight against arteriosclerosis.