Birth defects

Birth defects are of very big concern among the parents. Primary causes for birth defects are attributed to many factors. A major chunk of reasons for birth defects are attributed to hereditary and genetic disorders. The lack of vitamins during pregnancy, the side effects of some modern medicines consumed during the pregnancy, the bodily injuries happened to the mother and the hyper tension during the pregnancy are also playing as reasons for birth defects. The reasons mentioned in the last sentence are controllable while the first reason of genetic and hereditary factor is uncontrollable. The birth defects due to medications can be fully avoided if mother takes herbal remedies without any side effects. Also there are herbal remedies for some of the birth defects. This article will be dealing with some of the herbal remedies to be given to mother during pregnancy and also some of the herbal remedies which can be advised for the children with birth defects.

It is necessary that during pregnancy period women need to have a healthy life physically and mentally. Mother’s mental and physical health is very important for the proper growth of fetus in the womb. It is advisable to be free from stress and strain during eth pregnancy. Let mother be happy and cheerful all through the pregnancy to have a better baby physically and mentally. Hypertension, anxiety and depression are very common for the mother during pregnancy. Mostly mother can come out from these stress related problems without medication. Some antidepressant medicines like paxil are proven to be a cause for birth defects. It is harmful to human fetus and can lead to potential heart defects and also is a root cause for pulmonary hypertension in the infants. Instead of having such anti depressants it is better to have natural and herbal remedies for the mother. Yoga and exercises are natural remedies to come out from the stress related problems. Lavender, Motherwort and Kava are some of the herbal remedies which are effective in reducing tension during the pregnancy.

The medications for the fever and acne medicines, the drugs containing paracetamol, are harmful and can result in birth defects in the infants. Sulphur drugs can cause neo natal jaundice and antibiotics can cause abnormalities. For fever and acne one can use herbal remedies which can counter the *birth defects. One simple herbal recipe is given here. Take Tulsi leaves, one teaspoon pepper powder and one teaspoon herbal tea and boil the mixture together for five minutes. This tea can be taken one cup each five to six times a day. This will cure the ailments without any side effects to fetus.

There are some herbal remedies which can be given to children born with birth defects. These herbal remedies for birth defects are mainly improve the heart and brain function and stimulates the natural enzymes and helps in building up the body. One of such herbal medicine is “Ashwagandha” (Indian Ginseng) which has proven medicinal power of increasing the memory power and body stamina. “Brahmi” (Bacopa Monniera) is another herbal leaves which has time tested results in improving the brain functions and coronary systems.

It is always advisable to the pregnant women to avoid the modern drugs at any cost and take herbal medicines as far as possible for ailments to avoid the birth defects.