Herbal Remedy for Abscessed Tooth

Abscessed Tooth is a commonly found disease among people of varied age groups. The most commonly seen scenario which results in an abscessed tooth are said to be cases like broken or chipped tooth, openings in the tooth enamel, an uncalled cavity attack , and so on. When a tooth is infected it might spread out from the root of the tooth to the supporting bones causing unbearable pain. In case, you are also a “not so proud owner” of an abscessed tooth given below are a few home remedies that will actually help you tackle this enemy of yours: Put a little clove oil on a piece of cotton and put it on the tooth. It might be a difficult to handle experience, but trust me it works. However, be careful about the amount of clove oil. You can use strong antiseptic mouth wash like Listerene. Listerene helps by reducing the infection. You can also use Hydrogen Peroxide, but use of such chemicals is not recommended as going forward it might have adverse effect on your teeth. Vanilla extract also helps in relieving pain. Similarly does the Pain killers, Gin and Vodka. But the problem with such instant relievers is that their effect tends to fade away very soon. To cut the story short, it will put you to sleep, but then it might not give you a “good night” sleep. One of the other easy remedy is taking a few extra green tea sips in the morning, afternoon and night.

Green tea is a natural anti inflammatory. Another anti inflammatory agent is papaya. You can apply papaya in the affected area and feel the difference. If the pain is too much, you can also try putting some ice or very cold water in to your mouth and then swirl it. Cold water helps restrain pain. You can also try tucking a teabag against the sore tooth as tea bags have the power of curtailing infection. You just have to keep the tea bag there inside your mouth. If you feel that the tea bag might rip out, change it. But as the proverb says, prevention is better than cure. So before you fall in the trap, take care of your teeth. Garlic tablets and Vitamin C are said to be good for abscess tooth. So start taking them from today. Brush your teeth regularly and at least 3 times a day and also use mouth wash. Drinking water to cleanse the whole system is also a great idea. So, take the measures from today before you have to try out any of these remedies.