Herbal Medicine for Anger

Anger is one of the natural ways of human beings showing the dissatisfaction and unacceptability of anything, it can be ideas, gestures, activities or verbal exchanges. Mostly stress of the person manifests as anger. Present world of advanced technology and scientific achievements have brought out many advanced drugs for controlling anger, but equivalently there are many natural techniques such as meditation and yoga and also many herbal medicines which can effectively control anger.

Anger has become very common among the present generation basically caused by the inability to cope up with the growing demand of daily life. The stress and strain caused by the fast paced life, demanding life styles and especially the insecurity issues in home front as well as office setup. The manifestation anger due to discomfort and dissatisfaction, ill faced relationships and many such common world problems, lead to many evils in the individual health, family and society. The anger and stress developed in an individual can lead to depression in long run. Hyper tension, the silent killer disease, usually shows the beginning symptoms as anger in the behavioral front and headache in the health front.

It is imperative to control the anger to lead a good healthy life and avoid many evils that can cause in long run. Natural ways to control anger is keep yourself aware of your angry nature and intentionally bring your feelings under your control. One can benefit in controlling the anger using concentration techniques such as exercises, yoga and meditation. Modern drugs, available for anger control, stress and depression are highly effective, but have the major disadvantage of many side effects. Herbal medicines, which can be used very effectively in controlling anger related disorders, are mostly side effects free. They are safe, very cost effective and can be made out from the herbs locally available.

I would like to give an herbal recipe for anger; this times tested method and herbs are very effective in the treatment of anger and related problems.

The first Recipe is a mixture of Brahmi and AshwaGandha.

• Brahmi (Bacopo Monnieri) is a known herbal plant with effective use in the memory enhancement. It promotes cerebral blood circulation and hence brain receives more nutrients and oxygen for the proper functioning. It enhances memory power. This improves concentration.

• Ashwgandha (Withania Somnifera) is a known herbal stimulant; it stimulates the muscles, body and mind and invigorates the organs. The effect of Ashwgandha in stress related disorders, in fact it is a remedy for many diseases, is proven.

Grind both and mix it and make it like a paste, one can add taste additives such as sugar, and make small pills of 2 gm. Four times a day after food will give you the much sought herbal remedy to come out of anger. Many ready made pills with the above herbals are readily available in the market. One can use that after confirming the effects of those. Please remember that anger, if it is not attended will lead to complex health and behavioral problems.