Herbal remedies for Angina

Research studies about the growing risk of human life spotted the number one killer is the heart related diseases such as angina. The health problems due to the heart’s malfunctioning are on the rise mainly due to the changed features of life styles, eating habits, fast paced life, stresses and strains. No human being is out of the risk of heart diseases as the life is full of stress and strains. It is of expert opinion that the problems related to the disorder angina contribute a major part of the heart problems. Here I would like to discuss about the Herbal remedies for angina, the main advantages of using the herbal remedies are the cost effectiveness and distinctively the benefit of no side effects. Many patients now a day turn positively towards herbal remedies to get a relief, a permanent relief of course, from heart disorders like angina.

What is angina? As is known the heart muscles, responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, receives oxygen and nutrients from the coronary vessels. *Angina occurs when the heart muscles do not receive the required amount of oxygen from the coronary vessels. This lacking of oxygen occurs mainly due to the narrowing of coronary arteries. Angina manifests itself as the pain, discomfort or heaviness originating from the heart. The pain originates in your chest and slowly spread to the arm, neck and jaw. It is amply proved that men are more susceptible to angina than women.

The best way to reduce the possibility of angina is to prevent coronaries from becoming narrow. To see the remedies for stopping the narrowing down of coronary vessels, one needs to understand how the coronaries are narrowing. Main factor promoting this narrowing down is caused by atheroma, in simple terms the fatty deposits, on the sides of the coronary walls.

Now let us discuss the herbal remedies for angina, which seize the narrowing of coronary arteries or removing the fatty deposits from the walls of the coronary vessels. There are many herbs which help in reducing the attacks of angina and improve the heart muscle strength and coronary vessels. I will give a recipe.

Take a mix of three herbals named Hawthorn, Lily of the Valley and Motherwort and make a nice grinded powder of the three, all three can be taken in equal measures. Dissolve 10 mg (two table spoons) of the powder in a cup of boiled water. One has to use this preparation three times in a day for a long time. Basically this preparation is a heart tonic also; it improves the heart functioning, muscle strength and regularizes the heart beat. Let us see the individual features of the three mentioned herbs.

• Lily of the valley – this herb has produced magnificent results in the angina patients, this will improve the strength of the Heart and muscles, especially when there are fatty deposits on the walls of coronaries. This will improve and regularize the heart beat.

• Hawthorn berries is a valuable medicinal herb used in heart disorder treatment. This herb regulates the pumping of the blood from the heart; strengthen the contraction and expansion of the muscles and valves. This herb is a most valuable medicinal plant used in the treatment of circulatory problems.

• Motherwort - It is a price worthy heart muscle relaxant and is known for the ability to regularize the heart functioning.

There are many such recipes for heart disorders like angina. Herbal remedies for angina, provide the patients with many comfortable advantages, such as most of them are very cheap and locally available, they are free of major side effects and provides assured relief if used for a long period.