Herbal remedies for Asthma

Asthma, one of the most common diseases, is notorious in making very high discomforts to the patients. This allergenic disease is the side effect of our own act of polluting the environment and earth. This chronic disease manifests severe symptoms of breathing trouble. When allergic substances in the environment and the food trigger the Asthmatic disease, the patient gets breathing trouble due to the swellings in the bronchial airways and lungs. This can be fatal if proper attention and medication is not given in time. There are many remedies available for Asthma. As of now Asthma is a non curable disease and medicines will help only in containing the effects of Asthma. There are many herbal treatments for Asthma. One major advantage for this herbal remedies is that it has no side effects.

The symptoms of Asthma include cough, wheezing and breathing trouble. The mucus formations and inflammation of the airways and bronchioles make the breathing trouble and wheezing. Medications are used aiming at reducing the inflammations and to improve the muscle strength of the lungs, which in turn improve the condition of Asthma patients. Many natural remedies, which have well proven results, can be used very effectively to combat the symptoms of Asthma. It is very important that patient should stay away from materials which cause allergy. Also patient should avoid food items which have an allergy with you and also items which produce more inflammation and mucus in airways. So it is advisable to keep away from all types of dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. Also it is advisable to avoid smoking and chewing. Some of the herbal and natural remedies are described here.

• Honey is a very good natural remedy for Asthma. The smelling of honey will reduce the discomfort of the patients.
• The herbs enriched Vitamin C helps in alleviating Asthma symptoms. There are many Chinese herbs, like ding chan tang, which effectively contain the inflammation and mucus generation in the bronchial airways. These herbs have proven effects in many patients.
• One of the herbs which has high anti inflammatory power and property of improving the muscle strength of the lungs is butterbur. This herb is commonly available in almost every where. This herb has ingredients called isopetasin and petasin which are very effective in reducing bronchospasm.
• Salai Guggal, also called Boswellia, is a very effective herb for the fast relief of Asthmatic symptoms. This will effectively controls the narrowing down of airways and provide vital strength for the lungs.
• There are many green leaves which will improve the overall body stamina and in turn improves the resistance to the allergenic substances. The curry leaves and Tulsi have these great effects.
• Many vegetables and fruits are proved to be very effective in reducing the inflammation and swelling of airways. Sour fruits have much content of vitamin C, to effectively counter Asthmatic attacks.

These herbal remedies for Asthma, always help the patients to control the unwanted troubles. If used long term, these herbal remedies can even cure or lessen the number of Asthmatic attacks. These have no side effects and are very cost effective and easily available.