Herbal remedy Amnesia

Amnesia more commonly known as the loss of memory is a condition in which memory is disturbed. This is a very common disease seen across people of different age groups and locations. The causes of amnesia can be organic or functional. Organic reasons might include damage to the brain through trauma or disease, or use of certain sedative drugs. Functional causes can be psychological factors -such as defense mechanisms. Amnesia may also be spontaneous, for example transient global amnesia. This global type of amnesia is more common in middle-aged to elderly people, particularly males, and usually lasts for less than 24 hours. Another effect of amnesia is the inability to imagine the future.

There are two forms of amnesia- the Anterograde amnesia and the Retrograde amnesia. In case of anterograde amnesia, new events contained in the immediate memory are not transferred to the permanent as long-term memory. As a result, the patient will not be in a position to remember anything for more than a brief period following the event. Retrograde amnesia is the inability to recall some memory or memories of the past, beyond ordinary forgetfulness. Both categories of amnesia can occur together in the same patient, and commonly result from drug effects or damage to the brain regions most closely associated with episodic/declarative memory: the medial temporal lobes and especially the hippocampus. We also have cases where patients suffer from verbal amnesia in which a patient forgets words or names. A few symptoms of amnesia are mild headache, inability to concentrate, intolerance to noise and so on.

The best precaution to tackle this disease is take sufficient rest and sleep. Also, practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation will definitely help. You can also try taking dried thyme leaved gratiola, almonds, pepper ground in water, strained and sweetened with sugar on empty stomach daily for a fortnight. For poor memory caused by brain weakness, you can start eating soaked almonds rubbed into a paste along with sandalwood and butter. Even inhaling 10-15 drops of almond oil through the nose is beneficial. For mental irritability and lack of memory, apple with milk and honey acts as nerve tonic. For brain weakness, eat walnut with figs or raisins everyday. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Take sufficient rest and sleep.