Eyes are the most important sense organ any living animal, including humans, possess. For a human being, without the perfect functioning of the eyes, the visibility will be damped. Cataract is such a disorder of eyes that not only gives problem in viewing perfectly the surroundings, the dearest ones and the visually pleasing programs, but also creates a depression feeling, anger and humiliation in the patients. There are many herbal remedies which can prevent the occurrences of cataract and also it is found that the herbal remedies for cataract are able to control the growth of the cataract tissues.


Cataract is formed due to the cloudy areas that develop in the clean vision of eyes. With the development of these stiff areas in the eyes, the vision is partially obstructed and the patient will sense unnatural viewing of objects. It is estimated that more than 20% of the world population have the cataract problem. In fact most of the people who cross about the age of 60 years always complain about the impaired vision. This is mainly due to the cataract problem. If the cataract grows to its full extend, the option left with is the eye surgery and a permanent use of spectacles of various powers. In reality the modern treatment procedure usually end up with advising for the cataract surgery and the doctors will wait for the cataract to grow to the full extents.


Can you think of a period with impaired vision? This is what happens during the period before surgery, you are forced to live with half or quarter vision. The situation is really disturbing and irritating. If you are a worker and with an impaired vision, your work cannot progress, you will be in utter distress. Herbal remedies for cataract only can help you in this situation.


  • Catnip is one of the herbs which can improve the eye vision considerably. Catnips are herbs which were used by cats to get intoxication. This is a good remedy to prevent the occurrence of Cataract.
  • Herbs which are enriched with anti oxidants are best bets for treating the cataract. The leafy vegetables are very rich in many of the vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is proved that the sudden growth of the cataract and its spreading is lack of vitamins. Hence it is highly advisable to include the leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Fruits are best sources of Vitamin C, E and A. These vitamins can be a protective cover against Cataract. One has to take more fruits in his daily diet to counter and prevent the effect of cataract.
  • Bilberry is popular among the herbal remedies for Cataract. Other family members of bilberry such as blueberry, huckleberry and cranberry are all very effective in preventing cataract. 
  • Herbal tea enriched with catnip or mint is found to be very useful in stopping the occurrence of cataract. Two times daily one cup each will do wonders in tackling cataracts.


It may be noted that all these herbal remedies are well proven treatment options for cataract.