Herbal Remedies For Cataracts

Cataracts are very common among millions of people.  Especially cataracts are the major eye related disorder occurring during the old age. Cataracts are seen in all age groups, but the potential class of people is of above the age 40 years and the people above the age of 60 have the bigger possibility of being affected by cataracts. Medical studies have clearly identified cataracts as the primary cause for most of the vision impaired problems of the old age.  Many people prefer for herbal remedies for cataracts as they are time tested, well proven and have no side effects.


Cataracts develop as a small spot in the lens of the eye. The lens which is used for focusing the light rays reflecting out from the objects gets maligned due to cataracts. Due to the cataracts, the lens will not be able to create perfectly the images on the retina. This will lead to clouded images and distorted views. The lens is located behind the pupil of the eye and due to the cataracts, the lens will not able to adjust itself while you shift your view from one object to another.


Lack of proper vision can lead to many kinds of health related, physical as well as mental problems. It is found that people with impaired vision suffers from mental problems, like stress and depressions. They can not actively participate in day to day activities and also face many problems of incompetence at office and home. Specifically, at old age, cataracts can generate much discomfort and tension of getting dependent.


Many types of medical treatments are available for cataracts. At the beginning stages of cataracts, spectacles are the available option and also many doctors prescribe some medicated eye drops for countering the growth of the cataracts. When the cataracts are grown fully, the only option left with is the surgery. Even after a successful surgery, one has to use permanently powered specs to correct the vision. Herbal remedies for cataracts are mainly very effective in preventing the occurrence of the cataracts at the first stage itself. Secondly the herbal remedies for cataracts counter the fast growth of cataracts, thereby slowing the growth.  Thirdly the herbal remedies for cataracts provide cooling effect for the eyes and it soothes the eye nerves and stimulates the blood circulation in the eye regions. This three way effect of herbal remedies for cataracts makes it a favorite treatment of cataracts.


  • Billberry has been in use for the treatments of eye related problems for centuries. This herbal remedy for cataracts has been found to have medicinal powers to inhibit the retina degeneration and also is highly useful in slowing down the cataracts.
  • Grape seed extracts and Pine bark are very good anti oxidants and also acts as anti inflammatory. Taking 25 to 50 mg of these grinds three times a day can help in alleviating the bad effects of cataracts.
  • Indian Aloe Vera is an effective countering agent working against cataracts. It will improve the immune systems and reduce the inflammation of cataracts.