Herbal remedies for Back ache

Back ache is very common in most of the people and they used to complain that the pain is intolerable. Mostly with the aging, backache occurs very often as result of degradation in the health of bones and spinal chord. The backache is taken as a natural phenomenon and many people adjust to it and take it for granted. The women used to get affected by the backache after menopause due to the deficiency of the calcium in the bones. It is true that there are many modern medicines and surgical treatments for backache, but all with very high side effects and are very expensive. Most of these treatments are taking more time for a full recovery and the medications contain steroids which are harmful to other organisms. There are herbal remedies for backache which are very effective, cheap and easy to apply. They are all well known remedies proven from time immemorial.

The herbal remedies for backache come as creams, pills and oils and also as recipes with ingredients of different herbal leaves, stems and roots. These herbal remedies for backache soothe the spines and improves the strength of the bones. Also these have special powers in stimulating the smooth movements of the body parts and hence reducing the pain. Details of some of herbal remedies for back ache are provided in this article.

• Herbal oils containing many herb leaves, stems and roots have magnificent power in reducing the backache. You have to apply oil on the back body and warm the area for 10 minutes. Bathing in hot water after an hour will effectively help in countering the backache.

• Massaging of the affected area with herbal oils is found to be very helpful in containing the discomforts of backache. The massaging smoothes the body muscles and improves the bone functions. It will provide flexibility to the bones and spinal chord and also improves the smooth movement. • Mouse ear is an effective herbal leaf which has more calcium content. Consuming a tea spoon full of mouse leaves paste every day will help in improving the bones strength.
• Lemon juice mixed with Eucalyptus oil provides immediate relief for the aching back. Eucalyptus is a proven medicinal herb and the oil extracted from it is a good pain killer.
• Peppermint oil with powdered camphor can be applied to the paining back area and give a smooth soft massage in the portion. It has got marvelous pain reducing power.
• Applying heat at the affected area with a cloth soaked in water boiled with the leaves of Tulsi, neem and Eucalyptus is a good remedy for backache.
• A recipe contain red sandal powder, mustard oil, coconut oil, dolichos bifloruslin, moringa oleifera , asparagus, rasimosus wild and taramindus indicalin is a highly effective herbal oil to reduce backache and also useful for any rheumatic pains. This herbal oil reduces the muscle stiffness in back and help for the immediate recovery form backache.

If applied properly and regularly, you can come out of backache menace successfully. These herbal remedies for backache are very cost effective and easy to get and apply.