Herbal remedy for Age Spots

Sun spots or Liverspots or Age spots whatever you call it is not at all a welcome occurrence. Though age spots are very common in adults older than age 40, they can affect younger people as well. Such spots are flat, oval areas of increased pigmentation — usually brown, black or gray. They vary in size and usually appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms — areas most exposed to the sun. Age spots range from freckle-size to more than a centimeter across and can group together, making them more prominent. They are more common in people who freckle and who burn easily. True age spots are harmless and don’t need treatment, but they can look like cancerous growths.

For cosmetic reasons, age spots can be lightened with skin-bleaching products or removed. However, prevention — by avoiding the sun and using sunscreen — may be the easiest way to maintain your skin's youthful appearance and to avoid these dark skin spots. Using a good sun screen cream is a must while going out. To help consumers select products that best suit their needs, sunscreens are labeled with SPF numbers. SPF stands for "Sun Protection Factor." The higher the SPF number, the more sunburn protection the product provides. 

Use of good bleach cream also helps prevent sun spots. Such over-the-counter bleach creams contain 2 percent hydroquinone, a bleaching agent. you should cover exposed areas with tightly woven clothing and wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head and face.